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REDCycle Alert

REDCycle scheme currently paused

As you may be aware, in November 2022 the REDCycle soft plastic recycling scheme was paused due to challenges in the REDCycle recycling network. 

Since this date, REDCycle and other interested parties including retailers have been working through a range of options to support the future of soft plastic recycling and this process is ongoing. 

What is REDCycle?

REDCycle is a recycling company which has for several years, in partnership with retailers, managed the collection and recycling of soft plastics via REDCycle bins located in stores. 

Is Reckitt involved in the REDCycle scheme?

Like many other companies, we have actively supported the REDCycle scheme through publicising the availability of soft plastics recycling to our customers. This has included the addition of the REDCycle logo and related instructions on packaging of our Finish products. 

My Reckitt products include REDCycle instructions on the packaging, are these still valid?

As noted above, we have supported the soft plastic recycling scheme by including the REDCycle logo and instructions on some of our products. Unfortunately, given the current situation regarding REDCycle and in-store soft plastics recycling, these on-pack instructions are incorrect, as our packaging is not currently recyclable via the REDCycle scheme. 

Please disregard the instructions and dispose of your soft plastics in a different way.  

What should I do with my soft plastics while REDCycle is on hold?

Unfortunately, soft plastics cannot currently be recycling via the REDCycle return to stores scheme. We realise this is disappointing for customers and acknowledge the inconvenience caused.

We are aware that some local councils are trialling soft plastic recycling via council kerbside collection services or at recycling/waste drop off centres. We recommend you contact your local council to discuss what options are available to you.

If this option isn’t available, we suggest you will either need to keep your soft plastics until further information regarding soft plastics recycling has been released, or dispose of your packaging in your household rubbish bin. Please do not place any of your soft plastics in your recycling bin (unless instructed to do so by your local council).